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Deluxe Detail + 1year Ceramic Coating

 Starting at $825

Our all-inclusive service and entry-level ceramic package. Includes all the services of the Deluxe Detail package and upgrades your exterior protection from conventional wax to a One Year Ceramic Coating!

Exterior - Wash/Clay/Protect

 Starting at $175

An entry-level hand wash exterior service

  • Pre-treat all surfaces, every inch and corner of the vehicle.

  • Basic wheel treatment focusing on the outward surface and face of the wheels

  • Rinse and pressure wash all surfaces

  • Foam Cannon entire vehicle to hand wash and clay from bumper to bumper

  • Rinse and dry by towel and compressed air

  • Finish with spray protection of either Bead Maker(2-6 weeks) or Defender (6 months+)

Interior & Exterior - Deluxe Package Starting at $325 *

Exterior Service of our Wash/Clay/Protect & Full Interior Service includes:


  • Full wheel wells and rims

  • Protect tires and dress with tire gel

  • Upgrade paint protection to ‘Defender’ SiO2 spray ceramic (6-month protection)


  • Door jams

  • Full interior vacuum

  • Hand wash all surfaces of door carts, jams, seats, cracks, crevices, etc.

  • European steam treatment of all surfaces, cracks, crevices, etc.

  • European steam treatment for all carpets and flooring etc.

  • Compressed air to blow out all moisture and debris from all vents to cracks, crevices, etc. on both hand wash and steam step
    cracks, crevices, electronic devices, switches, and knobs

  • Ph balance all surfaces of door carts, panels, surfaces, plastic, vinyl, seats, etc.

  • Floor mats cleaned

  • Dress all surfaces with appropriate products for plastic, vinyl, leather, and others.

  • All glass surfaces and mirrors

  • Final vacuum for any loose debris and dirt from the cleaning process

  • Final Inspection for standards of quality control

Cars $325- Small SUV/Wagon $425 - XL large SUVs and Trucks $525 

*Pricing does not include heavy contamination such as wheel wells,  inside rims/brake dust, tree sap, heavy water spots, or other environmental contaminants.

*Pricing does not include pet hair, spills, stains, or excessive levels of wear and tear.

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