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Ceramic Coating Benefits


  • Industry-leading protection is measured in years, not weeks or months

  • Best available protection from harmful UV rays

  • Hydrophobic properties-how water accelerates, runs and beads on the surface of the coating

  • Oleophobic properties-protection from chemical and environmental contaminants

  • Protection from water spots

  • Protection from corrosion

  • Protection from minor scratches and swirl marks

  • Ease of maintenance and saving time

  • Enhanced gloss and aesthetics 

  • Return on investment over time and preservation of the vehicles aesthetics 


Please contact us today for an in person estimate for your drives ceramic package!

Packages start at 3-5 years and are available for up to 5-10 years.



Ceramic Coatings & Protection Packages Starting at $1500

Ceramic Coating Glass Packages Starting at $275

All necessary cleaning and preparation for a minimum 1-step polish. 

All surfaces to include paint, trim, glass, and wheels

Protection starting at 3-5 years and up to 7 years+

One complimentary Maintenance wash

Maintenance Washes Pricing for the duration of the coating package
$75 standard cars
$100 small SUV's
$125 larger SUV's and trucks
$150+ full-sized SUV's and trucks


Deluxe Detail + 1 Year Ceramic Coating

 Starting at $825

Our all-inclusive service and entry-level ceramic package. Includes all the services of the Deluxe Detail package and upgrades your exterior protection from conventional wax to a One Year Ceramic Coating!

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