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All paint correction services begin with the most thorough and deep cleaning possible to decontaminate and prepare your vehicle for correction. Whether it is RID'S (random individual defects ie. scratches etc.) or total vehicle transformation we offer a variety of options and results. We start by assessing your vehicle on our point scale. The maximum potential of any drive being a 99 as there is no such thing as perfect. Not even brand new cars are perfect. Paint is organic and flaws exist even when painted by the best custom technicians in the industry.

One Step. <50% improvement

Once the initial prep is out of the way we start by doing a grid of test spots.  A grid for 3 spots is set up, usually on the hood. We isolate the combination of pad and wet abrasive that will yield the most bang for your buck. From there we take that combination and polish out the entirety of your vehicle. The expectations here are not full correction. Some isolated defects, scratches etc. will still remain. Improvement will be at least 50% or better.
Pricing is fixed.

Two Step. <75%

Similar to the step above, some sanding may be included to address specific RID's. The process changes slightly into a 2-step. First, we will begin with a more aggressive 'cutting' step to level the paint and remove more defects. A test spot grid will be used to determine best possible results. A second step will now commence, using a finer polish and pad to eliminate any swirl marks, hazing or fine 'spider webbing' scratches and to enhance, gloss, depth and reflection. Improvement will be at least 75% or better.
Pricing is fixed.

Multi Step. <90%

This level of correction is for heavily damaged paint. Oxidation, heavy scratches and marring that has been neglected for some time and ready to bring back to brilliance. More sanding is likely to be involved. The cutting stage or Step 'One' may include multiple steps of cutting and leveling. A panel by panel approach is involved. A second step is done to remove any of the defects from the cutting; swirl marks, hazing and spider webbing are removed at this step. Finally, the last step is 'Fine Polishing' or 'Jeweling' to fully enhance the paints gloss, depth, clarity, reflection, and over all aesthetics. Improvement will be 90% or better.
Pricing is fixed.

Show Car Finish. Top Gun. The Best of the Best.

Here we are into another level of service that goes above and beyond. We will strive to achieve the absolute maximum potential in your service. Sanding will definitely be involved. Texture or defects removed from the paint system. At least 3 steps of polishing would be performed as well as prep sanding to start. New material may be introduced either by hand or airbrushed to replace scratches or damage too deep to remove with sanding or polishing alone. We take the process of a multi-step service working panel by panel and focus that to inch by inch. Improvement will be maximum potential and as close to perfect as possible. An expectation of at least 95% to upwards of 99% at the greatest.

Pricing is not fixed.

An established base price is agreed upon and final invoicing will occur once the service has been completed and costs calculated.

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